Business and Corporate Law

Evans Law, PC provides a broad range of services to corporations, not-for-profit corporations, joint ventures, partnerships, limited liability companies and sole proprietorships, from small private companies and individuals to large public companies. Every entity, whether a small startup or a well-established corporation requires the services of experienced corporate counsel for transactional work or corporate operations to help keep your business functioning and growing. In certain situations, we serve as counsel to our clients that do not require a full-time attorney in house.

Our services range from the formation of start-up companies through the operation and sale of large businesses. We advise and assist in the formation and organization of businesses, merger and acquisition of assets of businesses, financing, securities issuance, reorganizations and sales of businesses. In addition, our services include executive employment agreements, vendor agreements, negotiation and other general corporate counsel duties. We work closely with our clients in a practical and efficient manner to expedite results and minimize risk.

In addition, our firm is experienced in oil and gas exploration and development and other energy transactional practice, including operating, participation, net profit interests, acquisition and divestiture, joint ventures and exploration.



  • Business Formation and Operation
  • General Corporate Documentation
  • Employment Contracts
  • Operating and Partnership Agreements
  • Joint Venture and Alliance Agreements
  • Preferred Equity
  • Business Planning
  • Indemnification Agreements
  • Business Disputes

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